Entering a competition and what it can do for your business

Entering a competition and what it can do for your business

Recent conversations with salons have led me to write a little article on why entering a competition should be something you shouldn’t only just consider and then file away in the too hard basket.

While scrolling through my Facebook feed, I noticed a post that caused a tear to well in my eye.  A post that I felt was incredibly true, real and something that regardless of the industry you work in, is a very raw and truthful statement.  The comment was, “I feel I am losing the passion for lashing – my heart just isn’t in it anymore”.  All of the sad face emojis followed…..

I offered words of comfort to this lovely lady who had lost her way and it got me thinking – without a doubt the lash industry can be a very lonely one, particularly for those who work in a solo situation.  If a stylist only ever sees clients, the only place where they feel comradery is in a forum where they are surrounded by other lash enthusiasts or at a conference with speakers who are talking their lash language – there isn’t a huge opportunity for lash stylists to keep their lash loving alive.

Or is there?

Here are some of the reasons why entering a competition might be just the ticket!

  • A personal growth opportunity – it takes skill to enter a competition, that’s for sure, but it also takes a little bit of courage because after all, you are putting yourself in a situation that might just be a little out of your comfort zone and it’s when you are out of your comfort zone, that is when you learn a little more about your own personal coping mechanisms and your ability to adapt.  We all need to be adaptable in our careers, but also in life, and so I feel that entering a competition can help you become adaptable and give you the ability to step outside of what is familiar and experience personal growth.
  • Confidence – comfort zones are just that – comfortable, but when we wiggle ourselves out of that safe space and begin to experience a little bit more of unfamiliar territory, it can really make you feel good about yourself.  You are trying something different and its for your own benefit – you can start to feel a little more confident about yourself both on a personal level, but also, you can begin to have confidence in the work you are performing on your clients.
  • Technical perspective – isn’t the saying “do what you have always done and you will get what you have always gotten” – Networking at a competition is a wonderful way to expand your technical skillsets.  It’s almost like looking at a fresh set of lashes all over again when you learn something new or hone in your current techniques with a slight adjustment that you picked up in a competition.  Often judges will give you constructive criticism which can be nerve-wracking but throughout the process, you gain new knowledge and expertise that you can take back to your salon and your clients.
  • Relationships – As mentioned earlier, staying within that same comfort zone instead of branching out to meet new people is easy and life needs to be easy for sure, but what are the possibilities that you might be missing out on?  With each new relationship that you gain, you build your network — which can help you professionally because we all learn from one another in some way, even if it’s only encouraging you to change your perspective or consider things differently – growth and learning is a bonus isn’t it?
  • Opportunities Win, lose or draw a competition offers you the opportunity to promote to your clients that you are pushing yourself to be better.  This is worth marketing to your current clients as well as any potential new clients who will appreciate that you are attempting to excel in your chosen field amongst our peers, which in itself is inspiring.  Being an inspiration to others (including your clients) can also encourage them to do the same and before you know it you are raising people up all around you, and sometimes, this in itself is enough to help keep your own passion alive.

So why not look at what competitions or opportunities there are in your industry and dip your toes in the water….  Is there really anything to lose or everything to gain?

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Eyelash Extension Adhesives Explained

Eyelash Extension Adhesives Explained

In the years gone by, the quality of lash extensions adhesive was not what it is today.  The ingredients used, stabilizers and curing properties, as well as the flexibility of the product itself, have advanced dramatically and improved for the betterment for both the professional working with these adhesives and the client wearing eyelash extensions.

Elleebana lash extensions adhesive is produced in a high-quality environment that meets and exceeds all appropriate standards for production and is designed for use around the eye area.  This product is vegan, not tested on animals, is formaldehyde-free and contains no latex.  As these adhesives are cyanoacrylate-based products there is a short shelf life and even shorter after opening life as the adhesive begins to polymerize after exposure to air/moisture found in air – this is a standard expectation for all lash extensions adhesives (regardless of the brand) as the technology and raw materials used to manufacture these products are fairly similar.

All types of adhesive in the Elleebana range are available in 5ml and 10ml sizes and have a variety of setting times that are suited to the technician’s requirements.


Elleebana lash extensions adhesives are thin – perhaps thinner that others available – this thin consistency aids to prevent overloading the lash line with unwanted or unnecessary quantities of adhesive.  The quality of these adhesives is superior, due to the selection of exceptional raw materials chosen for the production, and only a small amount of product is required to do an excellent job.  For classic lash extensions applications (a ratio of 1 eyelash extension attached to 1 natural lash or 1:1) a very, very small bead at the end of the lash extension is all that is required for ideal attachment.

Most adhesives enjoy a specific room temperature and environment to be manageable and work to their optimum capabilities – this is the nature of an adhesive.  Having a room that has too much humidity can see the adhesive curing before you have managed to attach the lash thus resulting in poor retention.  Equally, if there is not enough humidity, your adhesive can become difficult to work with, setting too slowly, becoming stringy and creating what we refer to in the lash world as “stickies” – where your ratio of 1:1 changes and you have natural lashes adhered together.  Elleebana adhesives enjoy the ideal humidity of 45 – 60% relative humidity and a room temperature of between 20 – 28 degrees Celsius.

Before using your adhesive

Shaking your adhesive for the minimum of 1 minute before use will prepare the consistency of the adhesive and allow ingredients to be perfectly dispensed without separation in each drop.  The best way to shake your adhesive is to remove the lid of the product and insert the stopper/pin provided with each adhesive (you will find these in the adhesive bag) before shaking – this stops any adhesive from building up in the lid of your bottle.


Always store the adhesive away from sunlight, moisture, heat and ensure the lid is sealed well between uses.  Storing the adhesive in an air-tight container with a silica pack (also found inside each bag of adhesive) to draw out moisture is recommended.  Do not store the adhesive in the fridge after opening – once the seal has been broken on the cap condensation can form on the bottle and the reintroduction of the adhesive to room temperature from the cool environment of a refrigerator, can result in moisture curing the adhesive inside the bottle.  You can however, choose to store your adhesive in the fridge with a higher chill temperature than an average refrigerator (perhaps a small bar fridge is an ideal investment for the treatment room).  If the fridge is allowed to stay at 17-21 degrees Celsius then the condensation will be less likely to form on the outside of the adhesive as the change in temperature from one environment to the next is not as dramatic.  You can store the adhesive in a freezer before opening to prolong the shelf life but be sure to thaw out the bottle well before opening by letting the bottle sit in room temperature for a minimum of 4 hours.

Batch numbers and expiry

Each adhesive comes with a batch number – without this batch number the purchase of your product is void and no claim on the product can be made.  Do not lose this batch number or remove from the bottle.  You will also find the expiration date on the outside of the bag/box the product came in.  A great tip for recording this information is to make a note of this on the invoice/correspondence from your supplier.  Also writing the date you opened your adhesive on your bottle as a great reminder to re-order when you know your adhesive is getting old.  All adhesives have an optimal usage time of 6 weeks and up to 3 months if stored and cared for well after opening.

Important information

Only purchase and use our adhesives if you are professionally trained for the application or use of eyelash extensions.  Under no circumstance should you attempt to use these adhesives to attach eyelash extensions on yourself or as a strip lash adhesive.  Misuse of this product is not the responsibility of the brand in any way nor the reseller of the product.  Getting the most out of your Elleebana adhesives is strongly determined by the room climate, storage, client and the way the technician uses the product.  Understanding the products and how they are used determined by attending formal training is the recommended way to avoid misuse of the product.  MSDS is available for you upon request.

Patch test

A patch test is required for new clients and for any changes of adhesives.  You may also like re-patch test your clients again as their own medical and physical changes can occur and sensitivities can develop over time.  Patch testing is recommended 24 – 48 hours before a client’s treatment and will require the patch testing of all products within the Elleebana range.  Do not use Elleebana adhesives on any client that has sensitives to cyanoacrylate or black carbon pigments.

Elleebana Ultra Super Adhesive 10ml
Elleebana Ultra Bond Adhesive 10ml











This article has been written by Zoe Mitter and produced for Ex-Import Niche Products.  Modification, misuse, copying or reproduction of this content in any manner without written permission from Ex-Import Niche Products is prohibited and Copyright laws will apply.  Sharing the link and giving credit to Ex-Import Niche Products for the content is allowed”.

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