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The Power of the Perfect Image

11 Mar 2019

The Power of the Perfect Image Have you ever performed the perfect brow sculpt or lash lift and then you come to “taking a photo” to showcase your amazing skills, only to sit there swiping the screen a million times and scratching your head in...

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Entering a competition and what it can do for your business

31 Jan 2019

Recent conversations with salons have led me to write a little article on why entering a competition should be something you shouldn’t only just consider and then file away in the too hard basket. While scrolling through my Facebook feed, I noticed a post that...

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Eyelash Extension Adhesives Explained

8 Jan 2019

In the years gone by, the quality of lash extensions adhesive was not what it is today.  The ingredients used, stabilizers and curing properties, as well as the flexibility of the product itself, have advanced dramatically and improved for the betterment for both the professional...

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The World of Trade Shows

18 Dec 2018

What are the benefits of attending a Trade Show for the Salon Owner? All around the world and for decades the beauty industry has hosted annual trade shows designed for the product manufacturers to showcase their wares and for salons to see in action what...

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