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The story behind the Stronghold Adhesive

5 Sep 2018

As a world leading brand we are always challenging our product development team to push beyond clients expectations.  The development of the Elleebana stronghold adhesive particularly was developed as we see salons who lose precious treatment time when they have to re-stick lashes to the...

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Lifting the look of the brand

20 Aug 2018

Some of you may have noticed the slight new changes to the packaging appearance of the Elleebana lash lift range – we hope you are loving the look as much as we are enjoying the development of this.  We wanted to share with you all...

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The Art of Brow Henna

13 Aug 2018

Elleebana Henna has launched and its shooting for the stars and flying off the shelves. We wanted to share some of the background behind the range as it's not just a product that was produced quickly, not by a long shot! Otto was developing a...

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Eyelash Lifting Aftercare

9 May 2018

Eyelash Lifting Aftercare Because beautiful lashes aren’t just made in the salon. Who doesn’t love a lash lift? It’s the perfect way to enhance your eyes and natural beauty. After all, they do say that the eyes are the window to the soul so who...

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