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Pregnancy and Eyelash Lifting

23 Apr 2018

Pregnancy is a wonderful time for a woman, loads to look forward to with the impending arrival of a little one.  Acupuncturist and Midwife at Gold Coast University Hospital, Melissa Thompson, has caught her fair share of newborns in the delivery suite but also spends...

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Eyelash Lifting Vs Eyelash Extensions

12 Apr 2018

With eyelash lifting becoming such a popular treatment we’ve had lot of people asking, what is the difference between eyelash lifting and eyelash extensions? Here is some helpful information that will take out some of the guess work for you. What is the difference between...

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What makes an awesome Lash Lift Artist of the Year Award entry?

5 Apr 2018

The Elleebana Lash Lift Artist of the year Award is the world’s biggest lash lift competition – with each year comes more entries and the stakes get higher but so too do the prizes. This year saw the total prizes skyrocket to a combine total...

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Our Top 8 Benefits of Eyelash Lifting

28 Mar 2018

Following on from our last blog  “What is Eyelash Lifting? - The beauty trend that will change your life! This blog can be found here.. We are going to touch on the 8 awesome benefits of Eyelash Lifting and why it could be suitable for you,...

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