Teigan Lawrence
Teigan Lawrence

Teigan started her career as a business owner in a male dominated industry. While she enjoyed the challenges of owning her own business, something was always missing. Teigan had always loved all things beauty and when she made the decision to ditch the business and start studying beauty, she finally felt at home. Teigan loved learning and had a thirst for knowledge. She quickly completed as many beauty courses as she could. The passion she had for beauty was ignited and it was then she knew this is where she would settle in her career.

Teigan used her business expertise to progress from being a beauty therapist to a salon manager, which she loved. A few years after being an accomplished Salon Manager, Teigan started to get itchy feet, she felt drawn to take her knowledge and skills from the salon and to put everything into becoming a trainer for lash and brow courses. This led her to relocate from her hometown of Gladstone in central Queensland to the Gold Coast to complete her dream of working as an Elleebana Master Trainer at the Elleebana Global Head Office.

Teigan has now found her forever home, she finds herself pinching herself daily that she is able to work so closely with Lash King – Otto Mitter and all of the opportunities and international travel that working for Elleebana has given her.  Teigan’s passion in brows and lashes, bubbly personality, nurturing nature and wealth of knowledge is a match made in beauty heaven for students who are lucky enough to train with her. “Education is my true love in beauty, the industry is forever evolving and increasingly competitive. Ensuring you are getting the highest standard of education and training is paramount and will vastly help you and your business stand out from the rest.”

Fun fact: There is no tv in Teigan’s house, instead she enjoys spending her spare time immersed in personal development books and researching and furthering her knowledge and skills in the beauty industry to pass down to her students.

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